Being Neurodiverse . . .

For aspies

A fusion of autistic

genius and ineptitude

rectitude and malfeasance

devotion and indifference

theory and practicality

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The Perils of Un-diagnosing and "Curing" Autism

I'm fairly certain that if I was a child today, someone trained would have diagnosed me early on. I did not acknowledge my mother when she called my name and cried every time she combed my hair and attempted to put my socks on because both morning rituals caused excruciating pain. I spent hours sifting water and sand through my hands or obsessively painting black spots. I would have been seen standing next to Harrison Elementary School waiting desperately for recess to be over so we could get back to class while the other kids played chase or house together. I could correctly identify doric columns and flying buttresses as well as ethnic clothing from any known part of the world. I could als

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