Being Neurodiverse . . .

For aspies

A fusion of autistic

genius and ineptitude

rectitude and malfeasance

devotion and indifference

theory and practicality

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4 Tips to Get an Accurate Autism Evaluation as an Adult

Tip #1: Keep a journal Organize your journal according to the following themes to help yourself see patterns and trigger memories that might be important: Special interests, obsessions and routines (include topics of interest, frequency and depth of interest. Also include if interests are serial or ongoing. Make note of how you feel or what happens if you are not able to follow through on a routine. For example, What happens if you aren't allowed to pick your fingernails, straighten your books or finish your sentence?) Sensory processing challenges (include any sights, sounds, smells, tastes, touch that are uncomfortable or painful. Also include any sensory seeking behaviors such as stimming

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