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The Link Between Autism and Intuition

I remember making throat stims as a little girl. These vibrations eased the sensory pain I was feeling in my body but I was quickly told in no uncertain terms that these noises were not acceptable so I stopped to avoid any further approbation. In contrast I quickly learned the importance our western world puts on thought and it's ability to be expressed to other people in the form of language. I realized my own mind had an insatiable capacity to absorb and assimiliate information, to find patterns and communcate them in discernable form. From there it was easy to get lost in the labrynth of my mind and ignore my body. And society rewarded me for it. I got good grades, my teachers liked me an

Sharp Instruments and Sensory Integration

Today in the shower I discovered a scrape on my knee. I have no idea how it got there in the first place but it had suddenly started to sting. Unexplained injuries are par for the course for an aspie. While on a horse farm a few years ago I suddenly got the urge to chop the large branch off the bush we were clearing. So I picked up the nearby axe and swung. I completely missed the branch but to the horror of onlookers, hit my calf instead. I assured everyone I was fine and went on working. After all my swing was neither strong or skilled so my jeans remained intact and I felt no pain. What I did feel was disappointment that my romantic notions of chopping through wood remained unfulfilled.

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