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Women's Autism Group
Explore Your Passions


Make Friends

Meet weekly in a safe and non-judgemental environment. Learn social communication skills.

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Make Jewelry

Design and create original pieces using a variety of mediums and techniques. 

Image by Sharon McCutcheon

Make Money

Sell your jewelry & other projects to earn extra cash and learn business skills.

Learn Social Skills

  • When to talk and when to listen

  • How to ask questions that let people know you are interested and help the conversation flow

  • How to work as a team

  • How and when to share personal information

  • Initiating get togethers outside of group

  • How to read body language and facial expressions

  • How to set boundaries and be safe in dating, work and friendship

Learn Career skills

  • How to turn your special interests​ into an autism-friendly career or part time job

  • How to market your skills or products

  • How to price, sell and keep track of profits


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Is this group for you?

  • Are you 18+ year old?

  • Do you have social communication challenges or an autism diagnosis?

  • Are you motivated to learn about yourself?

  • Are you interested in making friends?

  • Are you willing to share your hobbies or special knowledge with others?

  • Are you able to make a weekly 1 hour commitment?

Schedule an appointment to talk with Toni by clicking the button below and see if this group is a good fit for you.

Our Team

Toni Boucher

Toni has helped teens and adults on the spectrum reach their relationship, health and career goals for over 30 years. She is the author of Autism Translated and specializes in female autism. Most importantly she comes from a family of aspies and learned many lessons the hard way.

Melanie Wiley

Melanie received an autism diagnosis as an adult and mentors others on the autism spectrum. She is a med student who  founded a student advocacy group for students with disabilities who need accommodations in the university setting.  Melanie also creates and sells  miniature succulent planters. 

Melanie WIley

Find out if Explore Your Passions is a good fit for you or someone you love

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