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Emotional Trauma and Autism: The Stockholm Syndrome Dilemma

In hindsight, I suppose that the other kids in middle school were looking forward to the last bell of the day, but I absolutely dreaded it. It wasn't just the shrill and inescapable sound that made me nauseous. I watched the clock tick the seconds away and worried about walking through crowded halls. I could handle other students one-on-one but as a collective swarm of bodies, other children morphed into a noisy inhuman amalgam of pushing, moving parts that seemed oblivious to their individual effects on the whole and me in particular. And once I had made it through the halls would I find my bus in time or would it leave without me? As much as I wanted to catch that bus, I disliked it intens

Take Talk to the Next Level: 6 Conversation Skills for Highly Verbal Teens and Adults

It's easy to assume that hyperverbal teens and adults on the spectrum don't have problems communicating. BUT there are many subtle skills that are often missed that can lead to misunderstanding, hurt feelings and isolation. The following strategies can help make communicating more enjoyable and productive for everyone. Conversation Tips When asked to do something, instead of agreeing or saying "yes" say "I need some time to think about it. I will get back to you in two days". This gives you time to process the request and make an informed decision. Sometimes we think about something or rehearse it in our heads so much that we forget that we didn't tell the person who needed to hear the messa

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