Being Neurodiverse . . .

For aspies

A fusion of autistic

genius and ineptitude

rectitude and malfeasance

devotion and indifference

theory and practicality

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The Importance of Ritual & Routine

I have vivid memories of washing my hair at my mother's insistence with the icy water from a pump when we went camping as a girl. It was only recently that she capitulated that cleaning my hair outdoors on days when we could see our breath was probably neither necessary or sensible. As much as I dredded the experience and the inevitable headache that would follow, I understand why she subjected me to this miserable routine. I have my own rituals after all. I have rituals for paying bills. And banking. And using public restrooms. And shopping. And going to restaraunts in the rare anxiety provoking case that I am forced to eat out. If I don't follow these prescribed steps exactly, then someth

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