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  • I've tried many things. What makes Toni's services different?
    1- Many therapies and interventions are based on the medical model and the idea that there is something inherently wrong with autistic people. Toni views individuals on the spectrum as "differently wired" and she helps harness these differences as strengths. Once these differences are understood they can actually work to a person's benefit. 2- Autistic individuals have a greater liklihood of experiencing certain underlying medical and mental health conditions which can prevent or make it harder for a person to reach their goals. Toni helps individuals and their support networks connect with qualified professionals who can treat any potential secondary conditions such as sensory challenges, anxiety, auditory processing issues, trauma and secondary medical diagnosis. 3- Toni has 30 years of experience working with hundreds of individuals on the spectrum and has seen how people progress and struggle across the lifespan. She is able to identify common patterns and help individuals establish realistic life skills and patterns that work for their individual circumstances. 4- People say the reason she "gets it" is that she is an aspie. She knows what it is like to be neurodiverse in a largely non-autistic world. Read her blog for more details about her life experiences. 5- Toni is not a mental help therapist and does not do therapy. Instead she provides a combination of consultation, coaching and teaching life-skills specifically geared towards individuals with social communication difficulties. Sessions often take place in the environment where skills are needed such as on the job, at home or in a coffee shop. This combined approach works very well for teens and adults who are tired of being "therapized" of for whom therapy has not been successful. Learning more about what it means to be autistic and the unique challenges of being on the spectrum can make a significant improvement in self-confidence and sense of belonging.
  • I don't live near any services. How can I get help?
    Sessions online through Zoom are private and can be as productive as face-to-face meetings. As a matter of fact, some teens and adults actually feel more comfortable online and are better able to focus on the work at hand in virtual sessions. Toni works with individuals and families from all over the world through virtual sessions.
  • How does my free consultation work?
    1- Reserve your appointment time here. 2- Look for your private Zoom link in your email. If you cannot find your link or you didn't receive it, be sure to contact Toni at the day of your appointment and she will resend it. 3- Prepare for your appointment ahead of time by thinking about the following 3 questions: A- What are my biggest concerns for myself (if you are an adult on the spectrum, or if you are a parent) my child? B- What are my (child's) greatest strengths? C- What am I (my child) really passionate about? Include any special interests. 4- If you have never used Zoom before, click on the link 15 minutes before the meeting to make sure you have enough time to set up the microphone and troubleshoot any technical issues. (Toni uses Zoom because it is secure, user friendly and reliable so it is unlikely you will have any trouble!) 5- Toni will meet you online (through Zoom) with both the family and individual needing support at the scheduled time. If there is senstive or upsetting information that Toni needs to know this information can be shared in a private email or phone call in advance of the consultation to respect a person's dignity and avoid causing upset or re-traumatization. 6- Toni will listen to your concerns, ask questions and may make recommendations during the meeting. 7- After the consultation you will receive a brief email with Toni's recommendations and links to any relevant services or resources. It is up to you to decide which recommendations to follow.
  • Does my insurance cover services?
    Toni provides consultation, coaching and training. These services are not covered by insurance. Toni is happy to refer individuals and families to other service providers if cost is an issue.
  • How do I pay for my services?
    You can pay via Paypal, credit card or check. Payment is due at time of service. Groups and courses are paid in advance to reserve a spot.
  • What about privacy?
    If you are an adult (age 18 or older) you must give permission and sign a release in order for Toni to talk to your parents, other family members, teachers, employers or other professionals. Parents of children (17 or younger) must give permission for Toni to talk with family members or other professionals. Toni does not share emails, addresses, phone numbers or other private information with other professionals or companies. When referring individuals and families to other service providers it will be the responsibility of the individual or their family member to contact the service professional unless specific arrangements and consent are given for Toni to do so. In some instances, when a family or individual has asked to be connected to other individuals or families for the purpose of mutual support, Toni may ask permission to exchange contact information on behalf of the individual or family.
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