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Autism Translated Book Cover

Care about a teen or adult on the autism spectrum?

What if you could understand and connect deeply with them?


And what if this connection actually helped them live a happier, healthier, more productive life?

A Message from Toni:


If you are reading this, chances are you have struggled to understand and connect with someone you care about on the autism spectrum. You can see their potential but so many of their actions just don't make sense and no matter how hard you have tried to support them & foster a meaningful relationship something is missing.

You are in the right place for answers. While each autistic person is unique, there are some common themes that show up consistently regardless of these differences and there is a systematic process that you can follow to help someone you care about live their life to the fullest.

Autism Translated was created with the support of hundreds of individuals on the spectrum and their families. They share their wisdom and insights about growing up autistic so you can learn from their experiences.

They reveal 5 little-known keys to help you build a better relationship with your autistic child, parent, partner or student:
                   - Understand what it feels like to be autistic

                   - Identify and harness autistic strenghts
                   - Eliminate harmful stereotypes from your thinking
                   - Communicate more effectively
                   - Create an authentic & healthy bond.


About Toni: 

Toni has been working with folks on the spectrum for over 28 years. Her daughter was diagnosed with ASD at age 11. Toni's clients and people who know her well say Asperger's is the reason she "gets it".

Her articles on sensory integration are referenced worldwide by families, psychologists, teachers and therapists. She is often referred to as "The Autism Translator".

Autism Translated: 5 Keys to Help You Understand & Connect with  Teens and Adults on the Spectrum
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