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If you care about someone on the spectrum . . .
but are worried about how they are going to make it in life, then you have come to the right place. I'm the mother of a grown child on the spectrum, an autism consultant and people who know me well say the reason I "get it" is because I'm an aspie. I live and breathe autism and one thing I know for certain is that the right understanding and support from you can make the world of difference for your son or daughter.

All too often I've encountered indivduals on the autism spectrum who have shut down or just don't live up to their full potential so I've made it my mission to help you create a meaningful connection and the right environment for your son or daughter to flourish.

The steps you take today can help them live a safe, healthy, happy and productive life now and long after you are gone.  But this requires examining many of your preconceived notions about autism and ignoring most expert advice about how to “fix” it. Instead, pay attention to and learn to read the hidden messages your child has been sending you through their behavior every time they flip a light switch, listen to that song 379 times or get lost in their favorite video game for 9 hours straight without eating or taking a bathroom break. When you understand your son or daughter's motivations, how they feel and what they really long for & need you will be able to create a profound connection and foster their independence.

Need Help?

I work with motivated individuals on the autism spectrum around the globe to support them in setting and reaching their relationships, career and health goals.

I also work with families, schools, companies, churches and other community organizations to create autism-friendly environments and foster successful communication.

    What Do People Say About Toni?

“I have worked with Toni and mutual clients for over 8 years. She not only relies on evidence-based practices, she really understands the experience of autism and gets amazing results compassionately and quickly.”   Zahra Haji, ABX Solutions MS, BCBA

“Toni, your help is priceless!” S.T., Autistic adult

“I learned more about autism and relationships in a few hours with Toni than I did in months of therapy.”
M.B., parent of two boys with autism, Charleston, SC

“Toni's knowledge, expertise and ability to see the unique qualities in each person combines with her ability to collaborate and foster success in reaching the goals her clients set. She has helped to change the trajectory in our son's life and has made a significant positive impact on our family." Jane Vaughan, Synergy Supportive Services, LLC

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